Frequently Asked Questions
Where should I begin?
It is important for the homeowner to take time and think about what they want to accomplish. An experienced
designer can help you organize and focus your thoughts.
"A picture is worth a thousand words". Start collecting pictures from magazines and build up a Design Idea
folder. Design magazines are a great resource and can help you let the designer know what you are looking for.

What is the difference between a Decorator, a Designer, and an Interior Designer?
Anyone can call themselves a decorator, a designer or a design consultant. To legally call yourself an Interior
Designer you must meet certain standards of education and experience. Please see "What is ARIDO?" for more
information, or go to the ARIDO website at

What do professional Interior Designers do?
A professional Interior Designer brings a highly-trained aesthetic sense to bear in helping you to plan the home of
your dreams, and then provides the practical know-how necessary to make the dream a reality.
Interior Designers will help you avoid countless pitfalls in planning the use of space, in selecting furnishings and
fixtures, and in making decisions about lighting, flooring, windows, rooflines, and many other details which,
cumulatively, will have a major impact on the final look.
An Interior Designer is trained to have a command of building codes, and to understand the principles of
construction. We design kitchens, move walls, create additions. If structural changes are required we have
experienced engineers and architects to call upon.
An Interior Designer will ensure that the end result is cost-effective, functional and pleasing.

What is ARIDO?
Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario. The prerequisite for full ARIDO membership is a
combined seven years of education at an accredited school and work experience in the design field. Candidates
must pass a rigorous two-day exam administered by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification.
For more information please refer to the link labelled ARIDO or check out their web site at

Do you specialize in contemporary or traditional design?
An Interior Designer is skilled in all forms of design from traditional to contemporary. It is our role to make the
space work properly, and reflect your taste, not ours.

How much will my project cost?
That will depend on what the individual client has in mind! At DDF we will find cost-effective solutions to your
design needs. On every project there are places where you can save and places where you
must spend wisely.
As a professional Interior Designer with years of experience, we can help the homeowner assess their needs and
create a realistic budget.