The "Process" depends on what you, the client, would like to achieve. It can consist of anything from a one hour consultation to
an ongoing full home renovation and anything in between!

Option 1
You feel your home needs help or possibly it's just time for a change. Perhaps the space feels like it is not working the way you
would like it to, but you just don't know what to do or where to begin. Or maybe your house is about to be listed for sale and
you are looking for that extra boost. There are many reasons to bring in an Interior Designer to ensure that any budget, big or
small is used to its best advantage.

A professional Interior Designer sees things differently and even through small change is able make a big difference.

Option 2
If it is a renovation a client is looking for, the following will give you an idea as to the process for a larger job.

Preparation & Planning

This is the learning stage: learning about the client, their lifestyle, their dreams and objectives. This stage is critical, since it
creates the foundation for all the work that will follow.

Design Vision

This stage sets the direction for the finished design. Layouts are proposed; style and colour choices are also discussed.

Design Development

Now that the layout has been finalized, detailed drawings, elevations and specifications are provided and refined through

Bidding Process

If required, drawings and specifications are submitted to contractors for bidding.

Execution & Management

Finally, we ensure that the work is executed according to the design. Under our supervision, interior furnishings are installed
and placed.