Client Testimonials
I have worked with Deborah Danniels-French over the last ten years on four seperate projects - three residential and one
commercial. I have a very high regard for Ms. Danniels-French's work. Her design ideas are both creative and
responsive to her clients needs and preferences. Her design plans are always well executed, often within extremely tight
time frames and under difficult conditions.

The proof of a designer's prowess is always in the "pudding". Ms. Danniels-French receives high praise from those who
live and work with the results of her work and from those who have the opportunity to see and admire it. From her bold
and imaginative use of colour, to the selection of furnishings, to the creative use of small and difficult space. Ms.
Danniels-French excels.

Finally, I thoroughly enjoy working with Ms. Danniels-French. She explains her concepts well. She has an uncanny ability
to paint a picture with words that accuratly describe the end result. She provokes her clients into taking risks that they
invariably live to enjoy enormously. She is, in my opinion, very good.

I would not hesitate to recommend her as a designer.

Yours very truly,
Paul E.
Dear Deborah,
Every time someone new comes into our home they can not get over how we transformed the "Brick Wall"!! Jim and I love the
transformation. Your design was brilliant use of awkward space and elegant to boot!

All of your coaching, your sense of colour and great design are so much appreciated,
Thank you so much,
Debbie A.

We rebuilt our house, doubling its size to just over 1900 square feet. During this process, designer Deborah
Danniels-French was a gift. A master of form and function, she helped to revise our architect's floorplan to more closely
reflect our vision. In addition to distributing and planning space to optimize those crucial inches, bring the outside in and
make it all work visually, she also maintained an unflagging committment to seeing the design though to realization(,
providing sound product advice along with onsite consultation). With her invaluable input, the house is humming with
harmony and gracious usefulness. Thank you Deborah, you truly are our "Ace of Space"!